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And a puppy update

I'm going to make this as short as I can, because the more time I think about it, the more migraine-inducing stress I feel.

The puppy has not yet been adopted. The shelter called to say she is becoming slightly ill, and might we come back to get her? I suspect this is merely kennel cough which by itself is No Big Deal, but since they are very unlikely to adopt out a sick puppy, it becomes potentially life-threatening since they do euthanize if they run out of space.

Paul is in Arizona (he gets home tonight), but last night on the phone he said he would call the shelter and our vet this morning, and see if we can pick up the puppy tomorrow (Thursday), take her directly to our vet for a check-up, and pay to board her there temporarily. This isn't great timing money-wise, as one of our cats has a $700-800 appointment for minor (!) procedures next week, but in the end it is just money.

Hopefully the vet will say yes, but even so, we do still need to find a home for the puppy as quickly as possible. This is NOT limited to the Houston area. We will drive this puppy wherever we have to to find her a home. So if you know anyone anywhere in Texas, or Louisiana, or Oklahoma, or wherever, who would be willing to take this puppy, we will get her there at our expense. Please ask everyone you think might even remotely be interested. As a reminder, this is a Black Lab or Black Lab mix, female, estimated 3-4 months old.

Please feel free to re-post or e-mail any or all of this post. Thanks!

Edited to add (and also posted anew just in case someone doesn't see this addendum):

Long story short, the shelter has informed us that unless we make arrangements for the puppy today by 3:30 p.m. she will be moved "somewhere" due to the potential hurricane and we and they lose all control over what happens to her.

This afternoon I am going to pay the adoption fee and fill out paperwork to release her directly to our vet -- it turns out the only way the shelter will allow us to do this is THEY transfer the puppy directly to the vet, and she is spayed tomorrow, so that's what we're doing. We will then pay to board her at our vet's office temporarily. They're being very accommodating in scheduling all these last minute arrangements. However, this is a stop-gap solution and we're not sure how long we can afford the boarding.

Also thanks to those who have offered suggestions and encouragement. Unfortunately, the rescue group leads I followed up on have not panned out. Everyone is overwhelmed.

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