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FenCon Schedule

Here is my panel schedule for FenCon, coming up this weekend (Sept. 25-27, 2015) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you've never been to this con before, you're missing out! Click here for more information.


Saturday 11:00 AM - Trinity VI - "My Other Job"

“Don’t give up your day job” is no longer a joke, but a sound piece of advice these days. Is it possible to get a little work done on the job, or to find a job that doesn't sap your creative juices so much that you can’t write in your off hours? Our working writers discuss the pros and cons of various day jobs. Karen Bogen, Melanie Fletcher, TeddyHarvia, Teresa Patterson, Amy Sisson, Christopher Fulbright (*)


Saturday 6:00 PM - Chinaberry - "The World of FenCraft"

A fun-filled discussion of SF-themed fan crafts. Melanie Fletcher, Margaret Middleton, Amy Sisson, Julie Barrett (*)


Sunday 10:00 AM - Irving Lecture Hall - "Warp Drives and Pointed Ears: the Upcoming 50th Anniversary of Star Trek"

Admit it, we're all fans of Star Trek in some way or other. What plans are you making for 2016 when the 50th anniversary rolls around? We're sure there will be conventions, celebrations and also plenty of people trying to make a buck from it all. But what does it really mean to you personally, and what do you plan to do to celebrate this remarkable occasion? Rhonda Eudaly, Rob Rogers, Amy Sisson, Libby A. Smith, Dusty Rainbolt (*)


Sunday 11:00 AM - Elm - "Artist Trading Cards"

Got ATCs? Artist Trading Cards originated as a hobby in Europe in the 1990s, and have been around awhile in North America too. Come by for an introduction to this addictive hobby of creating and trading miniature works of art. Can't draw or paint? No problem! Photography, collage, digital compositions, even textiles -- all physical media are fair game for ATCs! Amy Sisson (*)

(*) = moderator
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