Amy Sisson (amysisson) wrote,
Amy Sisson

Found Chihuahua -- looking for a home

Edited to add:  puppy has found a home!  -- Amy (May 2015)

Apologies to my friends who've already seen this on Facebook....

On April 8, we found a limping black Chihuahua puppy in front of our house.  (Bay Glen subdivision, Clear Lake area of Houston, zip 77062)   Our vet thinks he is about 1 year old; he is unneutered and weighs 6.6 pounds.  He was not chipped.

Because we do cat rescue and are caring for some elderly cats with medical issues, we cannot foster him in our home, so we've been boarding him at our vet's office.  Which, needless to say, is getting expensive.  The puppy has also tested positive for heartworm.  We are paying for his treatment.

I am willing to drive the dog just about anywhere to get him into a loving home.  If you've always wanted a Chihuahua but didn't want to go to a breeder, please consider this sweet little guy.  I've spent time playing with him at the vet's.  He is sweet and is not a barker.  He's a bit timid, so probably better off in a less chaotic home.

Thank you in advance!  Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested!   I can be reached at amysisson at prodigy dot net.

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