Amy Sisson (amysisson) wrote,

Yesterday I found a 6-month-old cocker spaniel.... please spread the word!

This makes dog # 5 that I've picked up since we moved to Houston a little under 8 years ago. This sweet little cocker spaniel was limping across the street in heavy traffic. He is now at our vet's office (we can't keep him at home due to our cat situation) and has been assessed. The vet thinks he is about 6 months old, and likely purebred because his tail has been docked, which usually suggests a breeder was involved. The limping was due to a minor fracture on his front paw that does not require treatment other than a little pain med. He is sweet, came right when I called, is not a barker (we've not heard him bark even once yet), and has some puppy energy now that he has some food in his tummy. He was filthy, covered with fleas, and very hungry, so he appears to have been outside for a bit, but he obviously knows and loves people. He was not chipped, unfortunately.

Paul and I are happy to pay for his medical costs until he finds a home. We will be having him neutered next week. He also has "cherries" in both eyes (inflamed tear ducts, very common in cocker spaniels) that the vet will first treat with antibiotics/steroids, and then with a minor surgical procedure if necessary, which we will also cover. That's why we're holding off on the neuter until next week, because we'll know by then if the eye procedure is necessary, and the vet can do that at the same time as neutering.

No photos yet -- I never remember my camera because I'm so concerned about getting them to the vet. I'll try to find a way to get some photos posted ASAP. In the meantime, I'm putting the word out on Facebook and Livejournal, and will be looking for a cocker spaniel rescue group in Houston. But I would very much appreciate if you could spread the word! As usual, I am willing to drive this little guy where he needs to go. I'm pretty resourceful when it comes to finding ways to get animals to their new homes! :-)

A few other notes: the vet said that anyone taking in a cocker spaniel puppy should understand that it is a strong-willed breed, so he will need training/discipline or else he will think he rules the house! I think he is a good candidate for an apartment dweller due to his small size (currently 19 lbs) and lack of barking. Finally, they are running a heartworm test but said that false negatives can happen with such a young dog, which means he will need to be re-tested in the next year or so just to be safe. But it's been an extremely low year for mosquitoes because it's been so dry, and they are giving him preventative which would stop the development if he does happen to already have heartworm. Heartworm is treatable but the treatment can be pricey. If someone wants him but is leery about this, I'm sure we can work something out if he turns out positive.
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